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this is so pog champ pog pog pog pog

Played with a friend, very fun and quick paced game! It's simple yet difficult, also, I made a discord server for this and several other multiplayer fangames and mods, incase anyone would like to check it out, here's the invite!





Looks fun. Maybe make a discord server for players to find each other in?

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who wants to play with me



yo yo anyone still play this game?

im tryna play in public but noones online


yo if you see this hmu



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Seems like nobody can play. Just wondering, are the servers still running?

Update: It looks as if Server 1 is offline, and the developer did state (I just didn't see): "If your game is not connecting to the server, click the three bars on the top of the screen and click on Server 2..."

Update 2: So now it seems like I'm failing to connect to Server 2 now, and Server 3 just doesn't load at all. Also, the client keeps glitching when I go back to the menu after closing and reopening the game when it doesn't connect, none of the buttons do anything at all. This isn't a rant to the developer, I'm just sad to see this game go so early on. It seems so fun! I just can't gather together anyone to play with lol.

ok thank yo

It does work, its just you gotta give the game administrative permissions for online

Oh. Thanks

Na still not working unfortunately


this is trash. quick play or join game doesn't work. It just gets stuck on "waiting for opponent"


how do i play a game with my friend ive been trying for a whi;e and cant seem to figure it out

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if sameone want to join my game the code is itachi12

i will

can you help me the game wont work it i press it but it dosent let me play and the change sever keeps flashin


Awesome game! I love the concept of "competitive FNAF", and we had a ton of fun playing it! I will say that 1. it seemed like Golden Freddy was waaaay more common that in the original (maybe too common) and 2. the door timers were really, really short. Still, a ton of fun, and I hope you make versions of this for the other games as well!


can you make a fnaf HTML5 game?

Sometimes the game doesn't let me click buttons. When I click on join game or quick play nothing happnes, even the "change server" button does nothing other than flashing the server names.

how did you fix the problem if you did

I just restarted the game until I was able to click the "join game" button and join a game.

Read the description, added an anouncement

I want to play this game but none of my friends own it

can you make like a discord where people can exchange codes or something?

it wont let me join a game with my friend when i click quick play nothing happens :(

Sorry, quick play is broken atm. Try Private Games instead!


In the join game option, see the online instructions if you are still confused

Good Game

can we play




public code be 1

had a good time with game! I’m surprised nobody thought of something like this! It’s a really cool idea! You can watch me and a friend play it:


have not played it yet but it looks cool!

I know right!

I'm not allowed to play the game, but I don't care lol.

this sounds cool


is this real =0 or rip of


It is real! You can play with a friend with a code, because the quick play lobbies are a bit empty.